a dance concerning itself with history and memory [full] (2013)

A dance that attempts to understand the ways we collect, archive and curate the past, then embraces the chaos that follows from unnaming/disorganizing, and recontextualizing history and memory. The full length work featured audience participation and a worm duet for two sleeping bags. 

Choreography: Rebecca Pappas

Original Cast: Genevieve Carson, Jesse Saler

Original Score: Christopher Danforth

Photos: Sara Ahmad

a dance concerning itself…, Motion Pacific, Santa Cruz, CA

Alexx Makes Dances/Pappas and Dancers, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA

Gertrude Pearlman Theater Presents Pappas and Dancers, Gertrude Pearlman Theater, Punta Banda, Mexico 

Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, Santa Cruz, CA