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Solo Parade Study with Hat (2016)

This solo parade study is informed by the criss-crossing imagery of parades in public life. Here it is performed by a Trinity College student performer. Parade2017 is informed by the display of civic pride and personal histories that make up a parade, the metaphor and physical reality of constant forward motion, as well as the history of Parade(1917) a collaborative ballet created in by Leonide Massine, Pablo Picasso, Erik Satie, and Jean Cocteau for the Ballet Russes. Funded by Ball State Creative Endeavors.  

Performed in 2018


Choreography: Rebecca Pappas

Costume Design: Joy Havens

Student Performer: Teddy Allmendinger (Double cast with Anna Chin)

Fall Dance018
Fall Dance014
Fall Dance011
Fall Dance010
Fall Dance007
Fall Dance008
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