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My Body as the Topic Coming Around Again // Vol 2 (In)Visibility (2022)

Part of the larger project, My Body as the Topic Coming Around Again, Vol. 2 uses satire and horror to exaggerate the constant (in)visibility of white female bodies. With looping devices and absurd, fragmented text, it disarms the viewer as it amplifies the power negotiations at work on stage and in life. As the volume continues it breaks apart as dancers question their own complicity and willingness to be seen.

Direction and Text: Rebecca Pappas

Choreography: The Ensemble

Performers: Ellen Smith Ahern, Theo Armstrong, Alexis Robbins, Taylor Zappone

Music: Christine Southworth 


Videography: Northampton Open Media 

Photos: Peter Raper 

Vol. 2 was developed as part of a distributed curation residency co-sponsored by the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought and APE Gallery in Northampton, MA. It premiered in July 2022. 

Invited Showing, Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

Raveling <> Reweaving, APE @ Hawley, Northampton, MA

Dance Wrecking, APE @ Haley Street, Northampton, MA


Raveling//Reweaving presented by APE @ 33 Hawley Street

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