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My Body as the Topic Coming Around Again // Vol 1 (Land) (2021)

How do we know what we know about our bodies and their right to take up space? How has dance training taught us about beauty, freedom, and the land we occupy? What has been ignored? This new trio for outside space begins from exactly where we are, revealing the stories of the ground we have stood on and gesturing to the impossible task of naming, seeing, and indexing all the overlapping histories of a site. It is continuously zooming in and opening out, telling the story of its own creation, and exploring the dance legacies of the three collaborators. Presented by LEIMAY and the New York Restoration Project.

Direction and Text: Rebecca Pappas

Choreography: The Ensemble

Performers: Ellen Smith Ahern, Rebecca Pappas, Taylor Zappone

Music: Asuna


Videography: Tori Lawrence

Photos: Courtesy of LEIMAY Arts

Invited Showing, Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

Exchange, Northampton Arts Council/School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Northampton, MA

Riverfront Dance Fest, Hartford, CT

Creative Performances, Dixon Place, New York, NY

On Site, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Garden of Delights: Interdisciplinary Performance Tour, Horsford Nursery, Charlotte, VT

Outsight/In, Leimay Art, Dorothy Strelsin Memorial Garden, NY, NY

WIP, School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Northampton, MA [virtual]

Axis/Access, A.P.E. @ Hawley Street, Northampton, MA [virtual]

Outside In, Garden Fellows in Process, LEIMAYArt, NY, NY [virtual]

Open Performance, Movement Research, NY, NY [virtual]

LEIMAY Fellows ONE-OFF: Informal Works in Process, LEIMAYArt, NY, NY [virtual]

Spring Dance Concert107
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Spring Dance Concert100
IMG_0700 copy
Spring Dance Concert087
IMG_0757 copy
Spring Dance Concert062
IMG_0760 copy

20 min work for the stage

20 min version including text 

10 min version movement only 

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