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Parade: TARP (2017)

This is an iteration of Parade2017, performed at TARP. This three channel video installation was projected into an empty swimming pool and three performers (age 50, 23, 10) performing Solo Parade Study with Hat. Parade2017 is informed by the display of civic pride and personal histories that make up a parade, the metaphor and physical reality of constant forward motion, as well as the history of Parade(1917) a collaborative ballet created in by Leonide Massine, Pablo Picasso, Erik Satie, and Jean Cocteau for the Ballet Russes.


Choreography/Direction: Rebecca Pappas

Performers: Roberta Shaw, Paulina McConnell, and Crystal Gwyn.

Original Score: Rob Funkhauser

Media: Charles Borowicz/ANC Movies. 

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