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Parade2017 (2017)

Parade2017, presented at Garfield Park in collaboration with No Exit Performance investigated the physical structure of the parade and its unifying social function. Parade2017 is informed by the display of civic pride and personal histories that make up a parade, the metaphor and physical reality of constant forward motion, as well as the history of Parade(1917) a collaborative ballet created in by Leonide Massine, Pablo Picasso, Erik Satie, and Jean Cocteau for the Ballet Russes. Funded by Ball State Creative Endeavors. 


Choreography/Direction: Rebecca Pappas

Videography: Charles Borowicz

Composer: Rob Funkhauser

Scenic and Sculptural Design: Jill Spector

Costumes: Joy Havens

Performers:  Rachel Newbrough, Lauren Curry, Tanner Hronek, Melanie Schreiber, Justin Sears-Watson, Evan Miller, Rob Funkhouser, Elliot Reilend, Rachael Wieczorek, Josie Meiss


Photos: Trisha Borowicz/ANC Movies. 

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