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Camp II: Saturday Night Dance (2019) 

For Camp II: Saturday Night Dance (2019), Rebecca Pappas and Marisa Williamson invited eight local dancemakers to the shores of Lake Pocotopaug in East Hampton, CT for a day of embodied inquiry. A day of swimming and talking and eating. A day of camp. We asked: How does the land hold our histories? How is dancing an escape? From what to what? In whose footsteps do you move? We explored the foodways and indigenous histories of the local Wangunk and Mohegan nations, and the legacy of the Noyes School of Rhythm, a site in nearby Portland, CT where communities of women have danced together for over 100 years. We finished the day with an improvisation, inviting neighbors to share in a bodily monument to the lake, the land, and her histories. Funded by the New England Scenic Trail.


Collaborators: Marisa Williamson (, Patricia Carhart Collins (, Lisa Race, Nikki Lee, Joya Powell, Stephanie Turner, Kellie Ann Lynch, Ginette Christie, and Rachel Sayet.


Music/sound: Kalidasa Joseph Getter.

Media: Charles Borowicz

everyone on the beach
Rebecca and Lisa
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