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white woman nature product (2020-23)

This dance film explores the relationship between white female bodies, land, and the way bodies are used to sell products. Created remotely in collaboration with the performers.Filmed at Wickham Park in Manchester, CT on the land of the Wangunk and Podunk peoples. UNDER SUBMISSION.

Direction and Editing: Rebecca Pappas

Choreography: The Ensemble

Performers: Ellen Smith Ahern, Fern Katz, Taylor Zappone

Videography: Tori Lawrence 

Music: Julia Wolfe

Film Stills: Tori Lawrence

CT Dance Now, Connecticut Dance Alliance [virtual]

Juried Dance Film Showing, World Dance Alliance of the Americas [virtual]

Taylor Leaping 2
Ellen with Milk
Multiple Taylors
Taylor Face
Taylor Leaping
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